Thursday, May 25, 2006

Finally Home!

After almost 11 months of traveling on my recent trip, I'm finally back home :)

Pictures are posted here.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Zimbabwe Hyperinflation

An interesting article on Zimbabwe´s current hyperinflation problems. I witnessed the same economic problems throughout Zimbabwe. The salaries of workers lag behind the growing inflation-- many people can´t afford to buy basic food for living.

I spent a week living with a family in a place called Cement, near Bulawayo. The oldest in the family, a 25 year old guy, worked 10 hours away in a larger town and supported his family of 4.
The family had little money to pay for food or even basic healthcare. While we were there, we bought food and basic supplies for the family. The situation is terrible and continuing to get worse.

Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, is blamed by all for the rising inflation-- and rightly so. His government continues to print more money, to pay for the salaries of government officials. Mugabe is also seizing the land of foreign investors, compounding the problem by pulling out most of the foreign money from the country.

I´m not sure if you are concerned with the problems of Zimbabwe, but the fact is that while we are driving around in our 4 by 4´s and complaining about rising gas prices, there are others much worse off-- and we should keep that in mind.


Right now I´m in the city of Jujoy in northern Argentina. I´m making my way up to Bolivia in the next week. Today I think I´m heading over to a hot springs about 30 minutes from here. Last week, I rented a car with 3 others and drove for 3 days around the mountainous region south of Salta. Ýes, I´ve been taking plenty of pictures and hope to post them soon.