Thursday, October 20, 2005

Do you like your spam shaken or stirred?

Well, first off I have limited the comments on this blog to registered users only. If you noticed below any of the entries I write, there is a 'posted by Josh' following a date and a comment link. If you look at most of the recent entries, they've been hit by Spam.

I'll continue to write about my life here in Argentina, but changing the format of my blog will give me more freedom to express the ideas that consume my brain.

In this case, the topic is spam. How does it exist? Who the heck is doing it?

There are all sorts of spam including email spam, webspam, splogs, and too many other forms to mention.

In this case, they are polluting my blog with none other than comment spam. If you've never heard of the way search engines work, they use the backlinks, or the referral text from one website pointing to another, as practical votes. Each page has a typical voting power, based itself on the voting power of its backlinks.

What you need to understand is that if someone places a link from my blog to their website, I've just voted for them and increased their search engine position. Now that they appear higher in the search page, they make more money selling their stupid products that .3-1% of visitors are likely to purchase.

In order to add their link to the comments section of my blog, they created a software program that goes through millions of blogs, heads to the comments section, and automatically posts their link.

Spammers are smater than ever by creating sophisticated content-generation software that can produce an entire blog like mine (known as a splog, or spam blog) which is written almost as well as some human writers.

As internet advertising evolves, more and more channels will be created to deliver content. Each of these channels offers another way to let advertisers, and spammers, into your life.

In short, if you think spam is going away any time soon - then think again.


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