Saturday, September 24, 2005

Adventures in Peru

Dave and I arrived in Cuzco this morning and were completely exhausted from the past 3 days in Lima. I got a chance to see Zoili in Lima, which was really amazing' she took us around to the best restaurants (Hooters) and places in Lima..

Although the sun didn´t come out for our 3 days in Lima, it still was great to walk around the city , watch Dave lose money in the casinos, and generally just have a enjoyable time with Zoili..

We are heading to Machu Pichu on Monday.. still trying to get used to the altitude and avoid the sickness that comes along with it, but there are special drinks here that help´with that problem.

After Machu Pichu, we are taking a flight back to Lima and should be back in Buenos September 29th. I´m taking a lot of pics which I will post on the blog next week..

I know I´m always a bit short on these posts, but if you email me I will surely tell you more..

Oh yeah, our hostel overlooks the city of Cuzco, its very peaceful and we are only paying $8-night per person.. wow!


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