Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Igauzu Falls, Argentina

Igauzu Falls, Argentina Posted by Picasa

I took an 18 hour bus ride to Igauzi Falls this weekend.. I left on Friday and got back today.. it was quite a trip..stayed at a hostel in Igauzu where I met a bunch of other backpackers... It doesn't help that most bottles of alcohol cost less than $5 dollars.

Overall it was a great weekend and I'm exhausted.. I'll post more later.

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This is a parrilla.. all parts of the cow.. don't really want to know which parts.. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wine tasting Posted by Picasa

The artistry here is amazing.. Posted by Picasa

My aunt and cousin, Sunny & Arielle (taken at my sisters wedding) Posted by Picasa

Yeah, das right (taken at sisters wedding). Posted by Picasa

Ah, so beautiful - Nana, Mom & sister Rachel Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 05, 2005

Travel Soup for the Soul

I can see the nervous twitch in the old man sitting across from me. It was sort of like a pulsing vain, that made its way from the top of his forehead to the edge of his left brow. He was not going to like my next move, and I knew from his vein the second I laid the piece on the square.

I like when people ask me for directions in the street. I usually point in a direction and say "Aya!" (Over there!). I also sometimes pretend that I speak Spanish to the lost American tourists who only speak English.

My new elevator has a pretty big bounce as it hits the ground floor. It's nothing to be worried about, but it is always a bit jolting. I think I will start taking the stairs.

-- Chess News (Be careful, it's a dangerous world below) --

Last chess tournament I was placed in Division 4, the lowest division. Today started a new month long tournament at the club, and I was placed in Division 2. I had quite a few people congratulate me, as this seems to be quite significant at the club.

There is an internationally famous tournament called the American Continental Championship being held in Buenos Aires August 5 - August 16th featuring 40 Grandmasters and dozens of International Masters (my chess coach being one of them). Since it's open to the public, I'm sure I will spend a lot of time watching their games.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Apartment Eats Kids for Breakfast

The original plan was to rent an apartment for a few weeks in Buenos Aires at a higher price because the room was reserved from the internet, then get down here and in three weeks find another place to live at a cheaper rate.

Well, the three weeks were up and I moved yesterday to my new apartment. Unfortunately, this one is, well.. just not as nice. Also, the high speed internet connection is heartbreakingly slow. I'm ordering a new high speed internet service tomorrow.

I've been busy with work lately. Life is about finding some sort of disappearing thread of balance - and work sure does ground me down while I'm here. But not too much... I'm still enjoying every day.

Today, I went shopping to fill my massively large fridgerator - one of the two good things about this apartment (the other happens to be the shower pressure). Although I've never really enjoyed shopping, there's something about shopping at a foreign supermarket that is somewhat intriguing. I grabbed things such as the Quilmes Boch - A National beer (970cm^3 if you are curious - not sure what that is in ounces) and uncooked prepared shish kabob’s. I hesitated on the milk, only because it seemed to come in a plastic type bag.

I'm beginning to feel more comfortable with acting as if I'm from here. Very important upon entering a taxi. The driver wants to sum you up, giving you that look like 'Is he from here, and if not, how much can I take him for?' So I stick my chest out and roll my r's and say, "Sanchez de Bustemante y Corrientes!"

Did I mention that my bed gets folded up against the wall to turn into some sort of wooden thing that stands up with a hidden bed inside? I guess that's good for parties.

The Gaucho I told you about in my last post said something very wise to me. He said, "Goshe, the women here are like beef. On the tv, beef. In the street beef. We have a lot of beef. But, the beef does not want to be eaten. The beef is to look and not eat." I guess, the Gaucho may have a point.

Oh, did I mention I have a sandwich maker.

Ok, till my next post..