Friday, July 15, 2005

I have arrived!

Wow! What can I say, I love this place! It really has exceeded my expectations so far in every way. My apartment is beautiful and is located next to three different dance clubs, a few dozen cafe's and bars, and about 500 feet from the famous Recoleta cemetary.

I haven't had a chance to take any pictures, but I will shortly. During the morning and early afternoon, I work-- then I've been getting lunch at some of the cafe's around here and walking around the massive city.

My Spanish is getting a lot better. I've met a lot of people, including Rocio, the daughter of my landlord, who speaks English pretty well. Today I'm going to one of the biggest markets in BA with Rocio and Kyle, a guy I split a cab with coming from the Aiport. This weekend, the three of us and some of the students in Kyle's spanish language class are all going by boat to Uruguay.

Yesterday, I took a bus to the famous Argentine Chess Club, Torre Blanca, and actually played my first tournament game in about 6 years! It felt great. I did manage to overlook winning a pawn during the middle game, but by the 31st move the guy was crushed. I signed up for the on-going tournament, so every Monday and Thursday I have a match. The club is open from 5pm - 1 am every day and has lessons with Internetional Masters every Friday! I am even thinking about getting private lessons because it is so cheap.

I am getting fat. Yes, the food in Argentina is excellent, especially the steak. Put it this way, I haven't been making much use of my stove.
Also, I am becoming quite the wine connoisseur--it's so damn cheap!)

My Voice over IP Internet phone blew out when I plugged it in, so this has been my biggest problem so far. I am urgently trying to find a replacement (mostly so clients from work have a way of contacting me, but also because I love the voice of family..)

The weather has been a lot better than I expected as well. During the day, a light coat is just enough. Some days are a little colder than others, but overall it's been great weather so far.

Well, I'm off to go get lunch!


At 9:54 PM, Anonymous UL said...

How about that...I found the Blog and read your commentary! You write well, so think about a novel taking place in BA.

There's a lot of J's in BA, so you might want to check out the JCC, or whatever they call it there. Never know whom you'll meet.
Love, UL

At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a great time in Argentina, Josh. You must get down to Terra del Fuego while your there.
~Cheers, Uncle Aaron


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