Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Current Location: Goa, India

How to I begin to describe India? The words polluted, dirty, over populated and poor all come to mind.

I am sitting in a cybercafe in Goa, a city with a life and character of its own, related to India only by geographic location. As the tourist season approaches full steam, this place becomes packed with foreigners from around the world in search of sun, beer, and late night parties.

It seems as this trip has been a rollercoaster which continually increases in speed. I have been so emersed in the experience, that it was only today that I noticed large white patches in the back of my throat. I went to the doctor and was informed I have a bacterial infection and was put on antibiotics. I feel fine and have halted alcohol consumption..

Yesterday, I was fortunate to watch fisherman pull in a massive net of fish shortly before sunset. Fish that freed themselves from the net and swam the wrong way toward shore were caught by eagerly awaiting children with plastic bags in hand. I caught a fish, threw it back into the sea, and shouted "FREE YOURSELF." I don't think anyone understood.

Right now I am staying on one of the most populated beaches in Goa. Five days ago the place was nearly dead. This place has been nice, but in a few days I will travel to Bangalore, a city known for its highly developed IT tech industry. I met a traveller from Bangalore several days ago and I will meet up with him while I'm there, I even have a place to stay. From there, I will explore the backwaters of Kerala, an experience I was told I shouldn't miss.

Hope all is well with everyone. Keep sending emails, its good to hear from you.


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