Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Busy Traveller

Location: Urecht, Netherlands

With 6 months of time, why do I feel like I have none of it? It is because I am constantly occupied, my attention always turning to something new. Walking through the busy Utrecht streetwalk, I am approached by a man who is passing out leaflets to attend a Christian prayer group. I stopped, and began talking with him about life. I, trying to convince him that our lives we're just illusions-- in which we work, have babies, and die in a blink of eternal time. He, expressing God loves me. I thanked him for it and left.

Of course, these types of conversions are easy to have while traveling.

As I enter a small shop in Leiden (Netherlands), I overhear a discussion on the current state of world affairs by the storeowner from Surinam and a Canadian. Of course, I couldn't help myself from entering the conversation. We discussed how the terrorists are probably plotting attacks from a cybercafe, and more likely a cybercafe which is across the street from us then one in Afganastan or Iraq. It seems obvious to say that the terrorist threat is both global and philosphical, and certainly not one which can be defeated via groundtroops conducting midnight raids in Fallujah. However, I wonder how many Americans would agree?

As I write, I am torn between writing about what cities I went to and the sites I saw, or my true interest-- the people that I have met. To me, the churches in Leiden look similiar to the churches in the Hague. Of course, a Dutch would argue the Churches found in The Hague are Christian, and the ones found in Leiden are most likely Protestant. But honestly, do I really care?

What fascinates me are the people and the culture. I've had a lot of philosophical discussions during the short time I've been traveling-- and I must say, it is refreshing to hear someone explain their viewpoint on life. We, as a society, as humans, are so focused on our own lives and "realities" that its easy to lose focus on what's important. So, you might say, "All knowing Josh, what is important?" Well shit, this is just a blog. You can't expect to find the meaning of life here.
I am leaving for India tomorrow. I have heard there are many small 'tibetan villages' in which tourists can stay for a modest price, so I will seek those out as I travel. The thought of going to an Ashram has crossed my mind.

And one other thing I forgot to mention: President Bush won. Why do I wait till the end of an entry to post such a significant event? Well, in the spirit of Europeans and the rest of the world-- "Americans are idiots, what do you expect."


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